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For over 15 years, House 2 Home Collection has offered Australians a diverse range of high-quality cushions, including styles from bohemian to modern and sizes from small to large. Emphasizing design, quality, and affordability, our products ensure comfort and style for every space, complemented by hassle-free nationwide delivery. Our cushions are perfect for enhancing living areas or creating cozy outdoor settings, making your house feel more like a home.

Floor Cushions

For those who love a touch of bohemian flair or simply want additional seating, our floor cushions are the perfect choice. Plush, comfortable, and available in a range of designs, they're ideal for lounging, reading, or adding a cozy touch to any corner.

Decorative Pillows

More than just a cushion, our decorative pillows are pieces of art. Intricately designed and crafted, they add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your spaces. From intricate patterns to minimalist designs, these pillows make a statement.

Cushion Colours

We provide a range of cushion colours

  •  Grey Cushions
  •  Blue Cushions
  •  Yellow Cushions
  •  Red Cushions
  •  Brown Cushions

Size Variations - Small, Medium, Large Cushions

Size matters when it comes to cushions. Whether you're looking for small accent cushions, medium-sized ones for your couch, or large cushions for your bed, our collection offers a size for every need, ensuring a harmonious look and feel.


Why Choose House2Home Collection?

Our commitment to quality, design variety, and customer satisfaction sets us apart. We understand that cushions are more than just accessories; they're an expression of personal style, a comfort haven, and a reflection of one's home. With House2Home Collection, you're not just buying a cushion; you're investing in a piece that resonates with your sense of style and comfort.

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Cushions (195)

Linen Scatter Cushion, Light Grey 45cm x 45cm


Linen Scatter Cushion, Beige 45cm x 45cm


Linen Scatter Cushion, Light Blue 45cm x 45cm


Linen Scatter Cushion, Blush 45cm x 45cm


Linen Black Cushion 55x55m


Linen Lumbar Cushion, Light Grey 30cm x 50cm


Linen Lumbar Cushion, Blush 30cm x 50cm


Linen Lumbar Cushion, Sky Blue 30cm x 50cm


Linen Lumbar Cushion Navy 30x50cm