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How to Style a Bed

by Melissa Jane Jones on May 17, 2024

Transform your bedroom furniture from a basic sleeping space into a tranquil haven where design and comfort merge effortlessly. If you're planning to spruce up your guest room or give your master suite a touch of luxury, mastering the art of bed styling is key. 

This guide will show you how to artfully arrange cushions, pillows, and throws, incorporating seasonal changes and professional designer tips to achieve a stunning, magazine-worthy look in your bedroom every time. 


Make Bedding Choices Seasonal 

Spring and Summer: 

During the warmer months, opt for light, breathable fabrics such as cotton or linen in soft, pastel shades. Layering isn't just for warmth; lightweight throws can add colour and texture without overheating. Consider floral or nautical-themed cushions to echo the vibrancy of spring and the calmness of summer. 

We definitely recommend pairing the McLean sheets in powder blue for a beautiful pastel look for your next styled bed. 


Autumn and Winter: 

As the temperature drops, your bedding can add warmth and comfort. Switch to heavier materials like flannel or wool. Rich, deep colours like burgundy, navy, and forest green can make the space feel cosy and inviting. A thick knit throw, a or a plush velvet/ textured quilt set can be both functional and stylish, providing warmth and a touch of luxury. 

Our Paris Waffle Quilt sets makes a great addition for style and cosiness.


How to Dress a Bed Like a Designer

  1. Start with a Good Base: Always begin with a high-quality mattress and sheet set. Opt for neutral-coloured sheets as they offer flexibility to play with more detailed accessories like throws and cushions.
  2. Layer Like a Pro: Begin with the sheets, neatly tucked in. Add a light blanket or coverlet, followed by a duvet or comforter. For a queen bed size fold the duvet at the foot of the bed or pull it up to just beneath the pillows, depending on your preference. 
  3. Pillows and More Pillows: Start with two large pillows in simple shams that match your duvet cover. Layer in front with two or more decorative pillows in varying sizes and textures. For a king-size bed, consider using three standard pillows side by side for full coverage. 
  4. The Throw: A throw blanket is perfect for adding texture and colour to a double bed size. For a casual look, drape it loosely at the foot of the bed or, for a more structured appearance, fold it neatly in thirds. 
  5. Accessorise: Finish off with unique items such as a bold patterned bolster or a quirky knitted pouffe at the bed's foot. These elements can tie the room's décor together and reflect your personal style. 

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your look and unique touches, add elements that reflect you and ultimately something with gives the optimum sleep satisfaction. 


How to Style a Bed with Pillows 

It’s pillow talk time! Providing comfort and decoration to any bed. Use a mix of large, medium, and small pillows to create depth. You can add pillows in sections from large to small works well in a layered type look. 

Experiment with textures and patterns to introduce contrast, but keep a cohesive colour palette to complement the overall look, to keep it from clashing with the rest of the bedding. 


Style a Throw on a Bed

Start with a style statement! For a relaxed look, casually drape a throw across one corner of the bed. For something more deliberate, fold the throw neatly at the foot of the bed, aligning it with the edges for a tailored look. Throws from our collection, such as our luxurious knitted options, can add a layer of texture and warmth.

How to Style a King Size Bed 

Styling a king-size bed offers more space to play with. Use this extra space to add more layers of pillows and throws. Balance is key, so ensure the items are proportionate to the size of the bed. Larger pillows at the back and smaller ones in front create a tiered effect that draws the eye and invites relaxation.


Bed with Cushions

Cushions offer a chance to inject personality into your bedroom. Mix and match different shapes and sizes for an eclectic look, or keep all cushions uniform for a clean, minimalist style. Cushions with bold prints or interesting textures can act as focal points. 


How Can I Make My Bed Look Nice? 

To make your bed look nice, focus on symmetry and coordination. Ensure that each side of the bed mirrors the other in terms of pillow placement and side accessories. A well-placed bedside rug and harmonious lighting can also enhance the bed's appeal. 

Choose House 2 Home to Style Your Bed 

By following these styling guides and incorporating furniture store items from House 2 Home, such as our elegant throws, blankets, bedding, cushions and more, you can transform your bedroom into a stylish and comfortable retreat that reflects your personal taste and enhances your home's overall decor. Feel free to browse our collection today!