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A Guide To Scented Candles

by Mel Jones on October 11, 2021

Scented candles are a magnificent way to create a beautiful and inviting feeling of warmth for your home. After all, the olfactory gland has long been associated with memory sense (think how certain aromas ... such as cookies or apple-pie baking sweetly in the oven can transport you to Nan’s yesteryear kitchen). 


Likewise, certain ingredients used in home fragrances help reduce stress, anxiety and evoke feelings of calm and well-being which, after all is ideal for your own personal space.


However grand or humble your abode, certain scents can evoke an array of feelings for family and friends as they cross the threshold into your own natural habitat. 


With so many home fragrance products from reed diffusers and scent humidifiers, to candles and oil burners that help kindle the personality and ambience of your home alongside lighting, decor, accents and colour schemes. 


So what do you want your home to awaken?


A Feeling Of Calm?
Certain aromas such as Rosemary, Lavender and Ylang Ylang, which are known to promote calm can help translate a once busy and space-poor urban pied-à-terre into a calming and chilled quarter to shake off the day. Vanilla is also very soothing and can be used to summon a sense of tranquility.


Having Trouble Sleeping?

Lighting a candle containing Lavender while you bath is a great way to wind-down after a busy day, as Lavender has been found to to alleviate anxiety and insomnia. And because it has a slight sedating-like quality, dabbing a little Lavender oil behind the ears before bed is another great way to drift off into a peaceful and restful sleep. 


A Sense Of Sand And Sea?

If you’re looking for a sea-change or hoping to evoke a Hamptons inspired beach house then aromas of Sandalwood, Salted Caramel, White Patchouli and Hibiscus are pure coastal perfume and offer an immediate escape to the sea. Like taking a dip in the Ocean, Watermelon, Lemon, Amber and Sea-salt are also great scents to transport you to the sunshine of your summer holidays.


A Roll In The Country Perhaps?

If awakening a sense of Country allure is what you’re looking for then look no further than Apple Blossom, Lily and Wild Peonies which recall a perfect Spring provincial day. The freshness of Jasmine, Gardenia and Sandalwood also capture the joys of everything a trip to the Country incites.


A Touch Of Christmas?

No matter what hemisphere you reside in, Christmas can always be easily encapsulated with all the familiar festive bouquets. Traditional aromas of Pine, Fir, Cedar and Frankincense revive the romance of Christmases gone by. For those that like their Decembers with a touch of Sugar, Spice and all-things-nice then you can’t beat Cinnamon, Toasted Caramel, Berries and Nutmeg. And if you want to go completely local then natural botanicals of Eucalyptus, Passionfruit and Lemon Myrtle help muster the delights of a great Aussie Christmas.



If you find you still have a fair bit of candle wax in your candle container left after Christmas you can preserve it for next year by wrapping it separately in fabric or tissue. Then simply place your candle in a plastic bag to seal the scent and store in a cool dark place until the fat man in red is on his way again next December.