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Creating Your Haven

by Mel Jones on February 01, 2021

Creating a haven for your bedroom is easy, it all comes down to colours that make us feel good.

Neutral tones of nature are often thought to restore feelings of balance and harmony. Psychologically, certain shades of olive green power positively to balance the heart and the mind. It is also believed to be an empowering and energising colour that supports mindfulness.

On trend right now are tones of calming eucalyptus which help to create a feeling of nurturing ourselves unconditionally. A good symmetry to green shades are environmental tones of sand, clay, wood, flaxen and soft steel.

Try delicious cosy soft layers of non-man made materials (think linen, cotton, bamboo, wool) in shades of mother nature such as sage and juniper to help to create an oasis of restfulness.

Little pockets of the natural flora and fauna such as ferns and even faux flowers (for those of us who don’t have a green thumb) provide splashes of feel-good natural colour around your sanctuary.

To top this offer try an array of assorted pillows and different sized cushions that offer a soft landing from a busy day.

The bedroom is our haven of rest, restoration and love, and is the one place we should all feel a sense of retreat and refuge.

So sleep, love and restore well!