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5 Easy Ways To Prolong The Life Of Your Candle

by Mel Jones on October 10, 2021

An instant lift to your humble abode, a scented candle can evoke feelings of calm, well-being and an inviting ambience of warmth and serenity. So here’s a few handy tips to make your scented candles last even longer.


Firstly, keep your candle out of direct sunlight. If your candle sits directly in the sun it will make the candle burner hotter and faster than it is supposed to. Keeping it away from the sun will also ensure the colour of your candle wax does not fade. Keeping your candle away from other burning candles also helps preserve its lifespan.


It is generally advisable to blow your candle out once it has reached the 4 hour mark. Burning it longer than this means carbon collects on the wick which makes it unstable. This can lead to soot and smoke created by a larger and potentially dangerous flame.


5 EASY General Maintenance Tips For Your Candle


  1. Burn candle for longer than just a few minutes, but less than 4 hours for safety
  2. Trim the wicks of your candle
  3. Keep candle out of path of drafts, vents and fans
  4. Clear wax pool of any debris
  5. Let a candle completely cool before lighting it again



Storing your candle 

You can preserve your candle by wrapping it separately in fabric or tissue. Then simply place your candle in a plastic bag to seal the scent and store in a cool dark place until you need it again.